Passenger’s Houston Friendly Spirit Reunites Woman with Important Bracelet
February 18, 2021

Desiree Encinas flew into Houston from Arizona to visit her sister. She stopped into the restroom after her flight on the way to baggage claim. What she found in the restroom was gut wrenching. In the restroom was a bracelet with a thumbprint and a seal that had ashes in it. She knew it was important to reunite the item with its owner right away. She decided to turn to social media.  

Her post read: 

“Last night 1/28 I found this bracelet that seems to have a loved ones ashes and thumb print. I’d love to find the owner as I’m sure this is super important to them! I found it at Houston Hobby airport terminal 2 restroom. I tried to give it to lost and found but since my flight landed so late, they were closed. With the power of social media, I’m hoping we can find the owner. Please help me find them!” 

Her post was shared 228k times with almost 2,500 comments. Media aired the story locally in Houston. The Airports’ social media team also assisted in spreading the message.  

Shara Fisher flew into Hobby that same day to visit family in Houston. She was wearing a silver bracelet with a heart-shaped charm attached. A thumbprint was engraved on one side. The thumbprint was that of her mother Evelyn, who passed away on Christmas Eve. She went to show one of her family members the bracelet and then realized it was gone. 

Fisher was distraught. She and her family combed through social media to see if anyone had posted about the bracelet and almost a week later, her daughter saw the post. Fisher was so happy that someone was able to recognize how it important it was to someone else and not just a regular piece of jewelry. 

Encinas lives in Arizona which coincidently was the place where Fisher’s mother wanted her ashes spread. The two have made plans to unite Fisher with the bracelet in Arizona.