Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Some of the Employees Bringing Hispanic Heritage to Life at Houston AIrports
November 4, 2021

Houston Airports prides itself on employing a diverse work force. We celebrate the vital contributions of the Hispanic community to our airports. 

Meet Marcelo Chavez 
Houston Airports shares the compelling story of Marcelo Chavez. An example of how determination can make you achieve your dreams. 

Meet Cynthia Jimenez 
Houston Airports is the gateway to Latin America and our employees  make it all possible. The skills, care and knowledge of Cynthia Jimenez help us provide world-class customer service for all our passengers and Spanish-speaking travelers. 

Meet Diego Parra 
Watch the uplifting story of our IT Project Management Office Director, Diego Parra, and how his leadership enriches our organization and the city of Houston. 

Meet Omar Regalado 

Hobby Airport is a second home for many, like Omar Regalado, who plays an essential role in the safety and security of our guests. He is a true example of what perseverance can accomplish in life.