George Bush Intercontinental Airport
William P. Hobby Airport
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  • Parking Disputes

    For questions related to parking charges please contact SP+ | Global | IMS at spgiparking.com or email to sgi.service@spplus.com or 281.233.1729Mon-Fri 7AM to 6:30PM.

  • My credit card was charged twice. Can I get a refund?

    If your credit card was charged an incorrect amount or if feel that you are entitled to a refund for any reason, please use these forms to submit your dispute.

    Submit IAH charge dispute
    Submit HOU charge dispute

  • How long may I leave my car in a Houston Airports parking facility?

    Vehicles may be left in any terminal garage or ecopark area for up to 60 days without notifying parking staff.

    If you must leave a vehicle in a parking facility for more than 60 days, please contact SPGI at +

  • Is there any way of knowing which parking facilities will be open when I arrive at the airport?

    Parking conditions, rates and directions to specific parking facilities are available.

    View IAH Parking Status
    View HOU Parking Status

    You may also call + for the latest parking information.

    Conditions can change quickly, however, even on the busiest of days, parking will always be available.

    Airport Parking signs on the roadways also provide timely parking facility status updates.

    Facilities are deemed full when there are not enough available spaces to properly service vehicles.

    Follow the ROAD signs to proceed to an open facility.

  • What’s the best way to remember where I parked?

    If you are parking at the IAH terminal garages:

    Write, or snap a picture of a column near your vehicle. Make sure the picture has both the column, and level number.

    If you are parking at IAH ecopark 1, or ecopark 2:

    Write the row and space number on your ticket, or take a picture of the row and space number.

    Make sure you receive a location slip from the bus driver and keep it in a safe place.

    If you are parking at Hobby airport:

    Write, or snap a picture of a column near your vehicle. Make sure the picture has both the column, and level number.

    If you are parking at Hobby ecopark:

    Write down the facility and shelter letter or row number on the back of the ticket you receive when you enter the facility and place it in your wallet, purse or bag, but away from credit cards or other magnetic strips.

    Also, write down your license plate number, which can help parking staff locate your vehicle if you should happen to forget where you parked.

  • How much is parking?

    We offer several of convenient and affordable parking solutions for both IAH & HOU Airports.

    View IAH rate schedule
    View HOU rate schedule

  • How does the InstaPark™/ticketless entry program Work?

    To use InstaPark/ticketless entry, you must INSERT an active MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover card when you enter, & then INSERT the same card again upon exiting.

    You are charged upon exiting the facility.

    Debit cards with a valid MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo will work also.

  • Are oversized vehicles accepted at all your parking facilities?

    Oversized vehicle parking is available at the following locations: 

    All ecopark lots (IAH & HOU)

    Terminal A Valet (IAH) with reservation  

    Terminal B Valet (IAH) with reservation  

    Hobby Red Garage Level 1 (HOU)       

    If you think your car may be oversized, please contact us at + for clearance information.


  • Where is ADA Van Accessible parking?

    All ecopark lots

    Terminal A Valet (IAH), garage rates apply

    Terminal B Valet (IAH), garage rates apply

    Terminal C, Level 2 (IAH), garage rates apply

    Hobby Red Garage Level 1 (HOU), garage rates apply

  • Do you have electric vehicle charging stations? If so, who may use them?

    Yes we do, and they are available to everyone.

    View IAH charging station info
    View HOU charging station info

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    US Bills Credit cards

    (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover)

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Parking Plus™ // IAH and HOU ecopark
    • I travel from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) & Hobby (HOU). Do you have a Frequent Parker Program?

      Yes, with our Parking Plus™ Rewards Program you can quickly and easily enter and exit the lots and accumulate points towards FREE PARKING or AIRLINE MILES.

      IAH Parking Plus Info
      HOU Parking Plus Info

    • How do I redeem points for Free Parking?

      First, login to your Parking Plus™ Program account and select "Rewards".

      Next, select the lot you would like to park in.

      Then, follow the step-by-step guide to redeem for the number of days you would like to park with your available amount of points.

         NOTE: The system will not allow you to redeem for a garage or lot or select number of days that you do not have enough points for.

      Upon parking, simply enter and exit the lot as usual with your Parking Plus™ Card in order to have the credit applied to your account.

      Your credit card will not be charged for the days you have redeemed for free parking.

      There are no certificates or coupons to present.

           NOTE: You must enter on the day that you redeemed for or the system will not recognize your redemption and will instead charge your credit card on file.

                     If you return later than the date selected the system will automatically charge the card on file for the  difference.

      Parking Plus™ Program points cannot be earned on days free parking redemptions are used. Points are only earned on days of paid parking.

      This free parking redemption does not reserve a space in the parking lot.

      If you arrive and the lot is full, you must park in an alternate lot and full payment will still be required.

      In this case, please contact the Parking Plus™ Program Administration office to have your redeemed points added back into your account.

      The administration office can be reached at 281.233.1729 or NSPTX.SERVICE@spplus.com.

    • How can I update my information?

      If your credit card becomes expired, or incorrect information was provided, your Parking Plus™ Card will not be valid upon parking.

      To update this, as well as other information such as name, address or car model, please sign in to your account and click “Edit” to update your information.

    • My Parking Plus™ Card was denied access when trying to enter. What do I do?

      First, check to make sure that the credit card on file with your Frequent Parker account has not expired.

      If so, update the information immediately. Next, contact the Parking Plus™ Program™ Administration office at 1at 281.233.1729 or NSPTX.SERVICE@spplus.com to ensure your account is properly activated.

    • How can I print a receipt from my account?

      Login to your web account, select “Activity”. This report will show all of your activity.

      Select the “Receipt” link next to the transaction you wish to print.

      A pop-up window will come up with your detailed transaction.

      If this window does not appear, double check to make sure your computer setting is set to “Allow Pop-Ups”.

      Select Print.

    • I'm not receiving automated receipts. What can I do?

      Check and make sure we have your email address in the system.

      The first batch of applications had no field for you to give us your email address.

      If you mailed an application manually (not applied on line) and then you manually activated your card (by phone, not on line) then odds are we do not have your email address.

      Give us your email address by updating your account.

      You can also reprint your receipts through account management.

    • Can I apply previous visits to my account?

      No. We can only credit customers with points when they use their Parking Plus card.

    • Can I pay cash and be a member of this program?

      No. Only customers enrolled in the Parking Plus Frequent Parker Program, with a credit card on file can earn miles/free parking.

    • How do I specify which CREDIT CARD I want to use?
      1. Sign into your parking program account using USER NAME and PASSWORD.
      2. Click on the CREDIT CARDS Tab. The Credit Cards tab allows users to add & modify credit cards associated with your account.
      3. To add another credit card, click the ADD button.
      4. Select CREDIT CARD TYPE, and enter CARD NUMBER & EXP DATE. Press SAVE.
      5. Press the ACTIVE button to select which card you wish to have charged on your stay.
  • Reservations/Coupons // IAH ecopark & ecopark2
  • Shuttle Bus // IAH ecopark & ecopark2
    • What times do shuttle buses start running?

      Shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week. Buses operate in approximately 10 minute intervals.

    • Where do I park on the lot??

      Upon arrival at the parking lot, follow the signs to the parking and shuttle pickup area.

      We will have 2 shuttles in the staging area.

      One shuttle will service the A, B terminals, and the second shuttle will service terminals C, D and E.

    • How long does it take to be transported to a terminal?

      Our shuttle procedure is to depart from the parking facility 10 minutes after the first passenger boards.

      Depending on traffic it will take approximately 10 minutes to arrive at a terminal.

      Additionally, if you are running late you may want to consider using the valet parking service conveniently located at each Terminal.

      TSA recommends arriving at the airport a minimum of two hours prior to flight departure for domestic flights and three hours prior to flight departure for international flights.

    • May I ask the shuttle bus driver to drive me to my car?

      Yes. Upon boarding the bus, the driver will collect, or write down the row and space number from your "Lot Location Slip", and will drive you to your vehicle.

  • Airport Employee Contract Parking
    • How do I pay for my Contract Parking?

      Please contact your Human Resource (HR) Department.

      Contract Parking is paid for by the company and not the individual employee.

    • Why can't I park where I work?

      Contract Parking access is determined by where the company account is located.

      For example, an account in the Terminal A garage, has Terminal A garage access only.

    • Do I have to switch my hang tag in between all the vehicles I drive or can I have a hang tag for each vehicle?

      Each employee is only allowed one Contract Parking Hang Tag which must be switched between the vehicles they use for access.

    • Can I have access and park if I forgot my hang tag?

      No. The only way to access the garage is with your Contract Parking Hang Tag. If you pull a ticket to park, you will be responsible for the parking fees.

    • What happens if I lose my hang tag?

      No problem! Lost or stolen permits may be replaced at the cost of $25.00 in our office.

      If your permit was stolen and you have a police report filed, you may bring a copy of that report and we will issue a replacement free of charge.

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