This IAH SurePark Application creates a contract between the customer (member) and New South Parking. The following terms and conditions outline your responsibility to pay for a deposit, application fee, and ingress/egress. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions herein may result in termination of the membership in the IAH SurePark program.

1) Initial Deposit: Member agrees to pay an initial refundable card deposit of $50 by the approved method of payment shown on the account application, and authorizes NSP to charge the deposit to this account. Upon receipt of the deposit, NSP will issue and activate an IAH SurePark membership card. Additional or Replacement for a Lost card will require an additional $50 deposit.

2) Application Fee: Member authorizes NSP to charge a non-refundable application fee of $200 to the account shown on the application.

3) Ingress/Egress fees: Each time a member uses an IAH SurePark facility, the member agrees to pay the current parking fees, computed on a daily basis. The member is responsible for payment of this fee at the time of exit from the facility.

4) Lost, Stolen or Inoperative Membership Cards: If the IAH SurePark membership card is lost, stolen or becomes inoperative, Member agrees to notify NSP. As soon as practicable after receiving this notice, NSP will deactivate the card and issue a replacement. Lost or stolen cards may be reissued only once during any twelve-month period, and are subject to additional deposit.

5) Cancellation/Termination: Should the member elect to cancel, the member must notify NSP in writing. Upon receipt of notification, NSP will deactivate the card. Upon receipt of the card, NSP will credit the $50 deposit to the account listed on the application. Failure to return the card will result in forfeiture of the deposit. NSP may cancel the IAH SurePark program at any time upon 30 days written notice to the member, and will refund the deposit. NSP may also cancel an individual membership if member privileges are abused (i.e. multiple concurrent use of one card) after one verbal notice to the member, or if card usage falls below minimum standard for a six month period.

6) Transfer: Neither membership or the card are transferable.

7) Miscellaneous: Member acknowledges that these terms and conditions may be changed at any time by NSP sending written notice of the changes to the member. Member agrees to inform NSP of any changes to the information set forth in the member’s application. Member understands that ingress/egress is a privilege and that NSP reserves the right to terminate member’s privileges at any time for any reason. Neither NSP, their employees, officers, agents, successor or assigns shall be liable for any damage to any vehicle or other personal property or for personal injury, or for any losses or other damages incurred by any party in connection with the IAH SurePark program, including failure of the ingress/egress control system.

8) Member acknowledges that the information provided to NSP on the application is true, accurate and complete. Any misrepresentation, false, incorrect or inaccurate information provided to NSP may result in criminal or civil penalties, the termination of member’s privileges, and any other penalties NSP may assess.