Hobby Airport Adds New Children’s Play Area and Interfaith Chapel
March 17, 2021

To please the passenger, Houston Airports team members are always looking for ways to improve the passenger’s experience.  

“We want our customers to be at ease when they travel, and we continuously seek out ways to improve our amenities,” Hobby Airport Terminal Manager Dawn Hoffman said. “We aim to be creative and responsive to changing needs of our passengers. The team understands that the expectations of customers have changed dramatically, and we want to continually set and raise the bar to offer the best customer experience.”  

children play area
Children's play area at Hobby

With the passenger in mind, Hobby Airport recently opened a second children’s play area.  The newest children’s play area can be found in the across central concourse across from the food court. The first play area is in the west concourse near Gate 1.

“Young passengers at Hobby Airport have an exciting new interactive children’s play area where they can expend energy before flights or during layovers,” Houston Airports customer service manager Trai Hicks said. 

The new children’s play area features a wing slide for aspiring future pilots, interactive smart screens and a parachute structure. Children can have fun and parents can sit comfortably while waiting for their flights. With health and safety in mind, the play area is constantly deep cleaned. 

interfaith chapel
Interfaith chapel at Hobby

“Another new amenity we are happy to offer to passengers is a brand-new interfaith chapel, Hicks said. “Our interfaith chapels serve as a place of comfort, meditation and

prayer for the traveling public and the airport community, and we are happy to have elevated this experience for our passengers with a second location next to Pappas Burger in the central concourse.” 

The chapel features include an electronic visitors log, seating, kneelers and prayer rugs. Occasions like funerals or deployments can magnify the inherent stress already present in travel, even more so during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hobby’s interfaith chapel offers a retreat where people of all faiths can give thanks or meditate. Every religion and sect are recognized, and each tradition is valued and respected for its benefit to mankind. 

Houston Airports continues to embrace and drive innovation, intended to enhance the overall passenger experience!