Houston Area Construction Education Collaborative (HACEC)

The Houston Airport System (HAS), in collaboration with three local community colleges, Lone Star Community College (LSC), Houston Community College (HCC) and San Jacinto Community College District (SJCD), have established the Houston Area Construction Education Collaborative (HACEC).

The purpose of HACEC is to provide for craft workforce education and safety training to construction contractor employees engaged in work to support HAS-designated capital projects.
The benefits of HACEC include:

  • Craft training offered to construction contractor employees will serve to improve both the availability and capability of the local workforce to support construction contractor needs, thereby simultaneously supporting local community engagement and reducing construction costs,
  • The safety training provided by the HACEC education will reduce construction contractor lost time work injuries, and
  • All construction contractor employees will be required to complete safety and security training prior to engaging in work in support of HAS-designated capital projects, which will significantly reduce insurance costs associate with the projects.

Training will be provided at the Houston Airport System and local community colleges.