Air Service Development

Houston Airports exists to connect the people, cultures, businesses, and economies of the world to Houston.  Developing new routes or expanding existing service directly serves this mission. 
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Why Choose Houston?

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Overview of Houston's Airports

Together Houston airports form one of North America's largest public airport systems, positioning Houston as the international passenger and cargo gateway to the south central United States and a primary gateway to Latin America.

The three-airport system served over 59 million passengers in 2019.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH):  (IAH Fast Facts)

  •     Located approximately 23 miles north of Downtown Houston
  •     29 passenger airlines
  •     188 non-stop destinations 
  •     Over 45 million passengers in 2019

William P. Hobby Airport (HOU): (HOU Fast Facts)

  •     Located approximately 7 miles south of Downtown Houston
  •     5 passenger airlines
  •     70 non-stop destinations
  •     Nearly 14 million passengers in 2019

Ellington Airport (EFD)/Houston Spaceport: (EFD Fast Facts)

  • Houston Spaceport is a focal point for aerospace innovation
  • Located approximately 15 miles south of downtown Houston
  • Supports the operations of the U.S. military, NASA and a variety of general aviation tenants
  • Home to the nation’s 10th licensed commercial spaceport

Houston’s Current Air Service

With both commercial airports — George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport —offering international air service, Houston offers a gateway for business and leisure travel to nearly 200 nonstop destinations.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport international’s nonstop destinations
                     George Bush Intercontinental Airport's international nonstop destinations in December 2019









William P. Hobby Airport international’s nonstop destinations
                                  Willam P. Hobby Airport's international nonstop destinations in December 2019


Incentive Program

Houston offers an industry-leading incentive program designed to minimize the financial risk an airline faces when launching a new route. 

HAS Air Service Incentive Program VIII

HAS Air Service Incentive Program VIII

HAS Air Service Incentive Program VIII

HAS Air Service Incentive Program VIII

Current Rates & Charges

Houston Airports Traffic Stats

Houston Airports Statistics dashboard can be found at: Houston Airports Statistics Power BI