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Consolidated Rental Car Facility

The Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CRCF) at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), which opened in August, 2003, centralizes the operations of nine different national
rental car companies, creating a more modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly system of getting air travelers to and from their rental cars.

The $135 million two-level facility sits on a 140-acre site located on the east side of John F. Kennedy Blvd. The complex includes a 30,000-square foot, four-bay Bus Maintenance Facility, along with a 3,500-square foot tilt wall bus wash and fueling station with a 20,000-gallon underground fuel storage tank. An additional 60 acres are available for future expansion.

The goals of the facility are to free up space in the airport's
Consolidated Rental Car Facility
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terminals, decrease traffic at the terminal curbsides, reduce confusion for travelers and provide a level playing field for all car rental companies.

A common bus system replaces the individual rental car company buses, reducing the number of buses from 126 to 23 during peak periods. The new shuttle buses are 'clean diesel' vehicles, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by as much as two tons per day.

Convenient traveler features of the facility include:

  • Passengers only need to look for one common shuttle bus to the nearby facility --- the white and maroon buses marked "Rental Car Shuttle"
  • The bus trip to the center is less than 5 minutes
  • All rental company service counters are on the same level
  • Vehicle pick-up is no more than 300 feet from counter to car
  • All pick-ups and drop-offs located under covered parking
  • Flight information display monitors give you the latest flight information before boarding buses to return to the terminal.

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