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Parking at IAH

The airport has over 25,000 parking spaces and parking rates that are among the lowest anywhere in the country.

The Houston Airport System also operates ecopark, the city's economy lot, which provides parking at the corner of Greens Road and John F. Kennedy Blvd., with free shuttle service to the terminals.

Terminal Parking
terminal parking

Convenient parking is located at each terminal. Learn More


Ecopark is the official on-airport value lot at IAH. Learn More

Corporate Parking
Corporate Parking

A hassle-free experience for our corporate travelers. Learn More

Ticketless Payment
ticketless payment

Fast and convenient parking with Instapark's credit card in/out service! For more information, Click Here.

Parking Plus

Earn United Airlines MileagePlus miles or free parking when you park your car with ecopark!

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IAH Available Parking
Terminals A & B
Terminal C
Terminal D & E
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For questions related to parking in the IAH parking garage or at the ecopark lots, please contact New South Parking at 281-233-1730.
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