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Parking Rates at HOU


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Terminal Parking
(Parking Garage)

Stay Rates
0.0-2 hr $5.00
2-3 hrs $7.00
3-5 hrs $9.00
5-24 hrs $19.00


VALET Parking
(Parking Garage)
0-2 hrs $12.00 plus tax
2-24 hrs $25.00



There are now more than 650 additional
parking spaces at ecopark 2!
Lot 2
Now with Focus Point 
0.0-3.0 hrs

$4.62 plus tax

3.0-24 hrs

$9.24 plus tax


Focus Point Parking provides free 24-hour intercom
access for immediate assistance at ecopark 2

Available Parking
Main Terminal
Open Full

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Ticketless Payment

Instapark is the credit card in/out service that makes parking fast and convenient!
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VALET Parking

William P. Hobby Airport now offers convenient VALET PARKING inside of the Parking Garage.

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Parking Inquiries

For questions related to parking in the HOU parking garage or at the ecopark lots, please contact New South Parking at 281-233-1730.



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